Aggressive Dog Training in Cleveland Ohio

We will teach your canine to be a calm, happy member of the family!

Any form of aggression coming from your beloved dog is alarming. How can a dog who snuggles with you in one moment bite you in another?!

If you’re in this situation, I’m sure everyone is encouraging you to accept that you’ll need to get rid of your dog, or that “once a biter, always a biter,” right? Wrong.

Your gut feeling is right: your dog is a good dog! It feels overwhelming (and frightening) at the moment, but changing this aggressive behavior is anything but impossible!


There are many forms of aggression that we can help with, including but not limited to:

  • Human aggression (aggression toward people, whether within the household or without)
  • Animal aggression such as dog aggression or sibling aggression (aggression toward other pets or any other animals)
  • Territorial aggression such as barrier aggression (aggression that appears when a dog feels its territory is being invaded, such as aggression at the fence, or toward visitors)
  • Fear aggression (aggression from a dog that results from intense feelings of fear toward a particular stimulus)
  • Resource guarding such as food aggression (aggression that occurs when a dog feels protective of its food, bones, toys, space, etc.)

We Can Help You Put An End To Aggressive Behavior!

We routinely help families resolve all types of aggression problems once and for all. To do this, we’ll teach you how to communicate with your dog clearly and effectively, and we’ll teach you how to develop a bond of mutual trust and respect between you and your canine companion. When you put those two factors together, you’re able to teach your dog how to make better behavior choices in any situation. Even after the issue has been resolved, if you ever encounter problems in the future, you’ll already have the foundation necessary to address these issues.

Aggression can manifest itself in the form of growling, snarling, lunging, snapping, and biting. No matter what form your dog’s aggression may take, we are well-equipped to deal with it. Our specialty is helping dogs displaying the most challenging behavior issues remain safely and happily in their forever homes!

Please, don’t give up without talking to us. Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland can help! Call us at 216.777.7950, or send us an e-mail.