Housebreaking CAN Be Done at ANY Age!

Housebreaking is a huge part of having a dog, and it can be one of the most taxing parts of raising a puppy. Teaching this specific facet of your dog’s life doesn’t always start at puppyhood — if you have a rescue, you may find that they weren’t raised in a situation where they were trained at the appropriate age, or a similar dynamic, and that’s alright.

We Set You Up for Success with Your Dog

learn how to properly housebreak a dog at any ageMany of these cases are with puppies, but a dog can learn this at any age, just like any other behavior. It typically takes several months to fully housebreak a dog, and it’s a process depending on your availability and patience. This is where our professional trainer comes in to aid in the learning process and make it as smooth and quick for you as possible.

Keep a Schedule

At Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland, we stress that ever learning endeavor is best helped by patience and positive reinforcement. Keep your dog on a feeding schedule and remove the dish between meals. This will create a cycle of bathroom breaks that you’re able to track, which makes it easier to time when to go outside. Take your dog out in the morning and at night, and make sure to go to approximately the same area every time. Give them lots of love afterward and repeat this process as much as possible.

Crate training can be a helpful part of this process by creating an area that the dog feels is theirs, and is reluctant to go to the bathroom in.

If you cannot be home during the middle of the day to keep up the schedule, it’s best to have a trainer or caretaker come over and maintain the pattern of bathroom breaks.


Remember that this is a process, it will be up and down, and setbacks and accidents are common. This doesn’t mean that you or the dog have failed; it just means that you’re still working toward your goal.

If you’d like to talk about house training help with a trainer, contact one of our experienced staff members today, or learn more about our in-home training here.