The Importance of Leash Training Your Dog!

Many dog owners do not view leash training as a top priority for their dog. I have had several clients in the past admit that they cannot take their dog for a walk without their dog pulling the leash, jumping up on people and just overall being to overly excited. Although these behaviors may seem minor, it is important to correct them so you can communicate to your dog that these behaviors are not acceptable.

puppy on leashIn my line of work, I have witnessed many dogs taking their owner for a walk. These are the dogs that lead the owner during a walk by constantly tugging on the leash, reacting to every environmental stimuli and ignoring their owner’s commands. You may think that your dog’s leash behavior is a minor issue; however, if you let these behaviors go without being corrected they can progress into more serious behavior problems.

Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland has successfully leash trained hundreds of dogs in the Cleveland area. We promise to work with you and your dog until they are fully trained and have achieved all of your training goals. We will provide you with the necessary guidance and skills to work with your dog even when training is complete. Our in-home training sessions will teach you as the owner how to be an effective and confident leader for your dog. Our goal is to have you as the owner take your dog on a walk without your dog misbehaving or becoming too excited. Your dog will be able to focus and obey your commands regardless of any environmental distractions.

If you find yourself competing for your dog’s attention when you take him or her on a walk then call us today at 216.777.7950. We will teach you how to handle your dog on the leash like a professional.