Why In-Home Dog Training is the Best 

Most of my clients have worked with other dog trainers or done other dog training programs before. Often, they’ve spent a good deal of time and money trying to correct their dog’s behavioral problems and they’re hesitant to do it again. Nobody wants to spend more time and money on something that isn’t working! However, most people haven’t tried in-home dog training before and often, even if they have, they haven’t worked with a professionally certified, veterinarian-recommended dog trainer before.

dog in training at homeBut my clients quickly learn that my in-home dog training program is different! In-home dog training is the most effectively way to train a dog, especially dogs who suffer from severe behavioral problems like aggression or separation anxiety. In-home dog training provides me the opportunity to work one-on-one with you and your dog and create a fully customized program that addresses your unique needs and training goals. It allows me the opportunity to work with your dog in its real-world environment, complete with any distractions or temptations your dog faces in its everyday life. It also ensures that you, the owner, are involved every step of the way so you can practice with your dog between training sessions and after the training program is over. The skills you learn from our training sessions not only help set you and your dog up for success, but also equip you with dog training skills you’ll use throughout your life.

I believe so strongly in my in-home dog training program that I don’t charge per session and commit to working with you until all of your training goals have been met—no matter how long it takes! This means that it actually benefits me to fix your dog’s behavioral issues as quickly as possible, whereas it benefits many trainers who charge per session to drag out the training longer than necessary.

If you’re sick of your dog’s behavioral problems and tired of spending time and money on training programs that don’t work, give me a call at 216.777.7950 or get in touch via our contact page. I’ll create a tailored training program exclusively for you and your dog and hope to be the last dog trainer you ever hire!