Dog Training for New Parents – Cribs and Canines in Cleveland, OH 


Are you both a dog owner AND an expecting parent here in the Cleveland area? With all the joy and pre-baby jitters you are feeling, and with the preparations you are probably making, don’t forget that this life-changing event will also affect your dog! While you may an exceptionally behaved pup, the changes a new baby brings to the home might bring confusion to the dog, potentially causing anxiety and other behavioral problems. Normally, dog training would not be at the top of the list for expecting parents, but when you consider how your dog may react to a new baby in the home, it suddenly becomes quite important.

Our professional dog trainer will take you, Spot, and Junior on the Cribs and Canines ride! This unique training program not only prepares your dog for the baby’s arrival, but it also equips you as the owner/parent with the proper knowledge on how to create a structured environment that promotes consistency, obedience, and happiness for your dog!

With a new baby coming into the picture, the consistent structure your dog follows in the home is now taking a huge sharp turn, and with some cases, these dogs have no idea how to cope! We will change that and show your dog the light, nipping any bad manners or general disobedience in the bud, even before your baby comes home from the hospital! Always applying reward-based methods, we will also help your dog become accustomed to certain behaviors and situations for the baby, such as walking calmly with a stroller, not demanding attention when the owner is tending the the new baby, and so forth.

Through Cribs and Canines, both you and your dog will feel confident and more ready to welcome in your new tiny family member!

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If you are also a current parent that needs some help with your dog’s behavior toward/around your child, give us a call at 216.777.7950. We’ll assess the situation, determine the best course of action for your family, and get you on the path to great success and comfort!