Effective, Vet Approved Dog Training Programs in the Cleveland area!

We offer professional, in-home dog training to the entire Cleveland area. We commonly work with dogs in a few different categories:

  • Dogs suffering from behavior problems of all kinds (from aggression to manners and everything in between)
  • Dogs who need to learn to calm down and pay attention
  • Dogs who are pretty good dogs overall, but are ready to move to the next level
  • Dogs (or puppies!) who are brand new to a family
  • Multi-dog households who are experiencing any range of problems (from sibling aggression to the inmates running the asylum!)

No matter which category your dog falls into, we can help! We will come to your home to complete the majority of our training, but we’ll also do a few lessons out in public to make sure we avoid training in a bubble. After all, to enhance the quality of life for both you and your dog, we aim to teach your dog how to respond to you in any situation!

That’s exactly why we choose in-home dog training as our preferred training format. In-home training allows us to hone in on the two factors that, regardless of issue, set you up to achieve lasting behavior change. The two most influential factors on any dog’s behavior are:

  • The relationship between dog and owner(s)
  • The dog’s lifestyle in his/her home environment

Your dog’s behavior (good or bad) is influenced by a variety of factors. To change behavior, you can address the problem from a variety of angles, but through our experience working with dogs and their families, we’ve learned that relationship and lifestyle are the two angles you cannot skip!

Our goal during our in-home dog training programs is to help you achieve your training goals, of course, and to do that, we need to teach you and your dog how to work together. This way your dog knows how to behave for you when it matters most!

Change is Possible!

To see what kind of customized in-home training program Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland can put together for you, call 216.777.7950 or send us an e-mail today.

Your Dog Is Not A “Lost Cause”

We routinely work with dogs who have been pronounced “hopeless” by other dog professionals. Please, do not give up before meeting with us! Our passion is to help dogs remain happily in their forever homes, and our training is designed to do just that.

During our in-home consultation (the first step to training with us, which carries no obligation to continue), we will evaluate your dog in his/her home environment, and get to know your family and lifestyle. After assessing all of these factors, we’ll put together a training plan tailored specifically for your dog and your family.

Once we make the decision to work together to resolve your dog’s behavior problems, we’ll set training goals, and we’ll commit to seeing it through until your goals are a reality! Our training is commitment-based, which means that you will have the skills, knowledge and support you need to change your dog’s behavior for good.