We set the foundation for a happy life together with our Cleveland puppy training

Puppies are adorable. They are also rambunctious, and if they don’t receive proper training, they can become pretty destructive.

Common puppy problems include: housebreaking, nipping, barking, jumping, and chewing. It’s important to nip these problems in the bud at a young age to ensure they don’t continue into adulthood. It’s also important for owners to learn proper training techniques while their new pet is young and easier to handle, on the off chance they do experience some relapse when the dog is older.

This puppy training program includes:

  • Housebreaking (how to make sure your dog eliminates when and where you choose)
  • Basic Obedience (teaching your dog to respond to commands such as sit, down, stay, and come)
  • Elimination of Excessive Behaviors (digging, chewing, barking, etc.)
  • Elimination of Inappropriate Behaviors (greeting visitors by running and jumping, pulling on clothes, etc.)
  • Proper Leash Techniques (teaching your puppy to walk calmly on a leash)
  • Communication (how to effectively bond and communicate with your pet)

Of course, if your puppy is exhibiting any behavior problems not covered by the above list, we will customize the program to fit all of your needs.


Why In-Home Training?

Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland offers an in-home training program especially designed for young dogs, aged sixteen weeks and younger. What’s more, if you successfully complete this program and your dog develops new behavior issues or suffers a particularly difficult relapse, we offer former students a discount on our in-home training program for older dogs.

In-home puppy training is more effective and longer lasting than group training because you and your puppy benefit from customized, one-on-one attention. We can’t guarantee your puppy won’t pick up bad habits after we’re gone, but what we can guarantee is that you will learn so much about your dog during the course of our time together that you will feel more comfortable attempting to handle these situations on your own before calling a trainer!

To learn more about Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland’s puppy program, call 216.777.7950 or send us an e-mailWe are excited to teach you how to bond with your puppy!