Personalized, Private In Home Dog Training Programs


What can you expect when you call Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland?

We’ll discuss your dog’s behavior issues and schedule an in-home consultation with one of our professional in-home trainers. The in-home consultation allows the trainer to observe your dog in his/her everyday environment, around all of the people, noises, animals, etc. that may be affecting him/her.

By the end of the one to two-hour consultation, the trainer will be able to tell you why your dog is acting the way he/she is and make training recommendations. The trainer will also want to be sure you are able to be as committed to the training as they are because in-home training relies so much on structure and putting the owner in a leadership position.


If you decide Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland isn’t the right choice for you, that’s no problem. The consultation is in no way obligates you to work with us further.

If you do choose to work with us, however, we can promise you a few things. First, we will commit to you. This means, for one flat fee, we will stick by you until all of your dog’s training goals are met, whether that takes one week or one year. Second, we will empower you. We don’t just come into your home, work with your dog, and hand him/her off to you—we teach you everything we know about training your dog so that after we leave, you still feel confident in handling him/her. Last, we promise a customized training solution. This means that we will assess your dog’s situation and your lifestyle to create a program just for you and your dog.

What kind of behavior problems can we help with?

All kinds! Our trainers are experienced in handling aggression, housebreaking, puppy training, basic obedience training, and leash handling, to name a few. And we will never say no to your dog because of his/her age, size, breed, or temperament.

Do you have more than one dog? We are also experienced in handling multi-pet households!

Experience Buckeye Dog Training Cleveland for yourself. Call us at 216.777.7950 or send an e-mail our way today.